Pork from Near River Produce comes from their farm in the pristine hinterland of the NSW Mid North Coast. Here the heritage breed Wessex Saddlebacks are allowed to spend their lives foraging and wallowing in open paddocks eating a varied diet of grains, mixed pastures and vegetables. This lifestyle and diet along with the breeds genetics and the longer time to reach maturity are what we believe gives Near River pork the sweet full flavoured taste that it is renowned for.


Redleaf Farm is located in the NSW Southern Highlands and is operated by Katrina and Sam Sparke along with their family of 4 children. They firmly believe that the best tasting meat is from happy animals and specialise in sustainably raising their free-range Saddleback pigs, Border Leister/Merino lambs and grass fed Black Angus beef. As a small family farm, their stock numbers are low enabling them to maintain their preferred hands-on approach – hence their produce is seasonal and very special.


Rosé veal from Camden Valley is a light pink colour in comparison to traditional white veal. This is because these calves are raised on a complete diet and able to roam on pasture. The “pink” colour is symbolic of ethically raised calves. This small, boutique farm is located in Camden on the fringe of Sydney. Their calves are offered a full diet to promote calf health and wellbeing resulting in a rosé coloured meat. The veal they produce is light pink in colour, delicate in texture with a subtle flavour that only free range veal can offer.


WITLOFT is an artisan Dutch leather brand founded in 2014. Established from a love for cooking and furniture-making, WITLOFT leather aprons are perfect for those with a passion for quality, handcrafted and artisanal style products.
 Each apron is crafted by hand, from high quality vegetable-tanned saddle leather of Dutch origin. Leather, being a natural product, allows the aprons to age beautifully over time and wear, telling the story of the wearer and making each piece truly unique.