Isola Chianina beef is 100% grass fed on quality pasture in the high rainfall area of South Gippsland, Victoria. Incredibly slow growing, each animal takes around 5 years to reach Victor Churchill. Each primal cut is dry aged for a minimum of 4 weeks in our ageing room. Being a large, lean animal, it is has a long, clean flavour balanced with the complexities found in grass fed beef. 



U Goose is farmed by a fifth generation family farm located in Llangothlin, New South Wales. They take pride in nurturing their birds across all stages of their life cycle from the birds naturally laid eggs under the Eucalyptus Gums in the paddocks all the way to a plump, flavoursome goose. 



Priding themselves on sustainable farming practices, Burrawong Gaian raises premium pasture-reared chickens and ducks. Roaming in a natural open-range environment allows the ducks and chickens to forage and express their character. With a paddock-to-plate philosophy and ethical farming methods, Burrawong Gaian are the only accredited free range poultry producer by Humane Choice.



Located in the stunning New England region of northern New South Wales, Seaforth Farm produces exceptionally high quality lamb. Herb and Lucy Mackenzie are the custodians of this century old family farm and oversee White Suffolk and Merino cross lambs who graze on fields of winfred, tonic plantain and clover in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.