"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for embracing Victor Churchill into your homes and hearts over the last 10 years.” - Anthony Puharich

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Luke Winder of Tathra Place follows the natural cycle of things, farming in a way that mimics animal movement in the wild - following the principles of biodynamic farming. We chat to Luke about partnering with Victor Churchill.

What does the partnership with Victor Churchill mean to you?

Our relationship with Victor Churchill is something I’m very proud of. The fact that our produce is displayed on the shelves of such an iconic store is incredibly gratifying.

Can you describe the first time you met Anthony?

The first time I met Anthony was a business meeting at Mascot and it was uneventful. But the second was when he visited my farm and we really did get the opportunity to get to know each other. I was honestly shocked how aligned our thinking really was especially when it came to animal welfare, land care and overall quality of the product. His knowledge of regenerative agriculture and the whole industry was such that it was a case of just shut up and listen and try and absorb as much as you can. Was an amazing day.

What has been your favourite memory?

There have been a few. The meet and greet days in Brisbane and Melbourne were great days but the shooting of the Maremma Free Range duck video on the farm was my top memory, getting to meet Anthony’s whole family, as well as being given a medium to record an accurate description of the complexities that is regenerative agriculture and the beautiful produce that results from it.

What’s your favourite thing about Victor Churchill?

Absolute quality.... Simple as that. It’s industry leading produce where the producers and their families are being paid properly for their hard work.

Where do you see our partnership in the future?

I would be honoured to continue supplying pork and ducks to Victor Churchill moving forward and supporting the company in all their endeavours like I always have.

What’s in store for Tathra Place in the years to come?

We will continue to grow our free range duck business and continue to be a industry leader in the ethical raising of our ducks. We are now expanding our heritage free range pork business allowing us to move away from being a niche producer into someone who can commit to a larger restaurant.