"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for embracing Victor Churchill into your homes and hearts over the last 10 years.” - Anthony Puharich



Saskia Beer grew up surrounded by the principles of good farming and honest through mother Maggie’s restaurant The Pheasant Farm and father Colin’s game bird farming. She has been tending to game animals since she was 11 years old and has amassed an exceptional understanding of what is required to produce superior game. Her incredible turkeys have been the centrepiece of many Victor Churchill Christmas feasts. We catch up with Saskia to celebrate our partnership.

What does the partnership with Victor Churchill mean to you?

Victor Churchill is our premier retail partner in NSW. I feel that Victor Churchill look for the best products in each category and we are very proud to supply our chicken every week and grow Victor Churchill’s Christmas turkeys.

Can you describe the first time you met Darren?

I look back at first meeting Darren and remember I was so nervous! Obviously in hind sight there was no need as he was so welcoming and enthusiastic. Darren is terrific at educating himself and understanding the process, and the characteristics of the product as his background as a chef gives him the ability to see where we are coming from with our growing technique and diet.

Darren has been instrumental in changing our business as he swapped Victor Churchill over to all free range chicken and we now have our packing room prioritising their Victor Churchill pack out every week to meet his specifications. We also have a farm dedicated to Victor Churchill corn fed turkeys.

What has been your favourite memory with Victor Churchill?

The first time I visited the shop I was blown away by the meat on offer and the charcuterie. I tell every chef and foodie that says they are visiting NSW to go to Victor Churchill!

What’s your favourite thing about Victor Churchill?

The commitment to quality, sustainability and flavour. The team are all terrific and are advocates for our produce that  really help spread the message of what we do.

Where do you see our partnership in the future?

I hope that our partnership continues to flourish. It means a great deal to our business of course, but the relationships are very important to me too. I like the fact we can approach each other with ideas and help each other out when the need arises.

What’s in store for Saskia Beer in the years to come?

We are still focused on our free range, vegetarian chicken of course – but we have also added geese and guinea fowl to the mix. This year we have started value adding to our chicken range more than before with home made, family friendly products like chicken nuggets and sausage rolls.I can’t believe it has taken me 25 years to figure out that kids love chicken nuggets!

On a personal note I am doing a lot more speaking, judging and teaching, which takes me all over the country talking to farmers, foodies and business people. It’s been such a great learning curve – I get to meet so many interesting people doing great things. It is so important to be able to exchange ideas in food and farming I feel blessed to be asked to be involved with these projects.