"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for embracing Victor Churchill into your homes and hearts over the last 10 years.” - Anthony Puharich

VC 2019 Thank You 10th anniversary-04.png

To all our amazing, loyal and supportive Victor Churchill customers,

It has been 10 years since my family and I opened Victor Churchill on Queen Street, Woollahra. It was an ambitious and audacious plan, an opportunity to reimagine what remains to this day the oldest continuously run butcher shop in Australia.

My dream and vision for Victor Churchill was to always honour the rich history and craft of butchery, which has been a part of my own family history for 5 generations. We also wanted to honour the contribution and legacy of the three previous owners. But most of all, we wanted to respect and honour the Woollahra community, which Churchill’s has been an integral part of for 143 years.

We have been graced by celebrities, sport stars, politicians and even Oprah Winfrey over the years. But the people we have truly connected with, enjoyed serving and are most grateful for, are our amazing and loyal, local customers who brighten up our store every day. Whether you shop with us daily, weekly, monthly or for that special occasion, you are the heart and essence of the incredible success Victor Churchill has enjoyed. We will never take for granted and will always be grateful for the love and support you have all shown us since we opened in September 2009. It’s YOU, our customers that provide us the drive and determination to open our doors every day and serve you proudly with our selection of beautiful, bespoke, handmade and amazing products.

In 2010 Victor Churchill was recognised in New York as the best retail store in world, the first time ever an Australian business had received such an accolade. Victor Churchill continues to be acknowledged as not only the best, but the most beautiful butcher shop in the world. This is both humbling and beyond what we would have ever envisaged as a family. However, it is our customers, our amazing suppliers of the finest quality produce and meat in Australia and our remarkable, talented and dedicated staff that make Victor Churchill the beautiful, genuine and world-class experience it is today.

Thank you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For your support, patronage, loyalty and for embracing Victor Churchill into your homes and hearts over the last 10 years. We look forward to continuing to be an integral part of the Woollahra, Eastern Suburbs and wider Sydney community for many years to come. Over the coming weeks please join me, my family and the entire Victor Churchill team to celebrate this important milestone.

Thank you once again.

Kindest Regards,

Anthony Puharich on behalf of the entire Puharich Family.