Our Producers

Long before a cleaver is raised, Victor Puharich and our family of butchers and chefs personally select each producer and product to ensure the quality of produce available on our shelves is unparalleled. 

Stone Axe Wagyu






Ethically raised pasture and milk fed veal from Camden Valley is a light pink colour in comparison to traditional white veal. The calves are raised on a complete diet and able to roam on pasture. The farm is located in Camden on the fringe of Sydney where calves are offered a full diet to promote health and wellbeing. The result is a pink coloured meat, a delicate texture and a subtle flavour that only free range veal can offer.


Messina full cream Jersey milk is produced on their own farm in Numurkah, Victoria. The pure bred Jersey cows are completely pasture fed on grass, lucerne, and clover.  They are only milked once a day which means they are less stressed and result in an even higher quality milk with more cream. The sweety, creamy milk is incredibly special and a nod to the old ways. 


The Arnott family have bred and grown Shorthorn cattle at ‘Hanaminno’, Boorowa for 45 years. Shorthorn cattle are ‘the breed that built Australia’, and are the most versatile and reliable breed in the country - producing consistently high quality beef. They're fantastic mothers with wonderful temperaments and tremendous meat marbling characteristics.


Grassland Sommerlad chickens are slow-grown and pasture-raised in the foothills of the Central West Slopes and Plains of NSW. Ethically farmed, the heritage breed chickens are free to roam and forage. The best produce comes from the best environment; one that is regenerated, nourished and sustainably farmed.


WITLOFT is an artisan Dutch leather brand founded in 2014. Established from a love for cooking and furniture-making, WITLOFT leather aprons are perfect for those with a passion for quality, handcrafted and artisanal style products. Each apron is crafted by hand, from high quality vegetable-tanned saddle leather of Dutch origin. Leather, being a natural product, allows the aprons to age beautifully over time and wear, telling the story of the wearer and making each piece truly unique. 


U Goose is farmed by a fifth generation family farm located in Llangothlin, New South Wales. They take pride in nurturing their birds across all stages of their life cycle from the birds naturally laid eggs under the Eucalyptus Gums in the paddocks all the way to a plump, flavoursome goose. 


Eugowra quail and seasonal game birds are completely natural and pasture raised in central western New South Wales. Bred on farm and hand raised by partners Brendan Sheldrick and Leanne Crofts, the birds are free to dust bathe, dig holes and scratch in
their flocks, allowing the birds to express what is essential and natural to their own behaviour.


Priding themselves on sustainable farming practices, Burrawong Gaian raises premium pasture-reared chickens and ducks. Roaming in an open-range environment allows the ducks and chickens to forage and express their character. With a paddock-to-plate philosophy and ethical farming methods, Burrawong Gaian are the only accredited free range poultry producer by Humane Choice.


Victorinox produces and sells unique, high quality products worldwide which are of practical use in differing areas of life. The company’s headquarters are located in Ibach, Schwyz, Switzerland since 1884.The right tools always make the job at hand more pleasurable, especially in the kitchen. And that's why Victorinox puts its passion into creating household and professional knives that are ergonomically designed and exceptionally sharp. Whether you use it in your five star restaurant or in your home kitchen, you'll feel like a pro with every slice, dice and chop.


Redleaf Farm is located in the NSW Southern Highlands and is operated by Katrina and Sam Sparke along with their family of 4 children. They firmly believe that the best tasting meat is from happy animals and specialise in sustainably raising their free-range Saddleback pigs, Border Leister/Merino lambs and grass fed Black Angus beef. As a small family farm, their stock numbers are low enabling them to maintain their preferred hands-on approach – hence their produce is seasonal and very special.


Pepe Saya Cultured Butter tastes different, and here’s why: the butter is made using single origin local cream to which a lactic culture is added before being aged for up to four weeks. After the cream has fermented and become sour it's washed, worked by hand, then lovingly shaped and wrapped. Pierre Issa (aka Pepe Saya) never dreamed he’d become a butter maker, but when he discovered that there was no artisan butter being made in Australia, butter quickly became his life.


Drawing on family traditions handed down through seven generations, De Palma has been creating exquisite quality salumi in Australia for over 35 years using only slow fermentation and slow curing techniques. Their hand made products are second to none, utilising only the finest Australian produce and traditional, artisan skill and dedication to create an
exceptionally authentic range. The result is a pure and authentic product with a smooth, clean palate, patiently nurtured for many months or sometimes years, just the way they have been made for centuries.


The Olsson Family has been making solar sea salt since 1957 near the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and near the Great Australia Bight in South Australia. Pristine Australian water, sun, and wind work in harmony to create the purest Australian sea salt.


Penelope Ransley carefully handcrafts pastries and sweets at her Leichhardt bakery Penny Fours. A selection of Penny Fours buttery croissants, seasonal danishes and sticky buns are available at Victor Churchill every week from Friday to Sunday.


Feeding Sydney from the fertile soil, river and pastures of the Hawkesbury, Martin Boetz’s Cooks Co-Op delivers the freshest local produce. An incredible range of in-season Hawkesbury produce is in store at Victor Churchill from every Friday and over the weekend until sold out.


This winter, we’ve sourced biodynamic truffles from Elvesgate in Braidwood NSW. Grown with care and biodynamic farming methods, the fresh black truffles are only available in winter during truffle season.


The mission of Iggy's Bread of the World is to make bread of the highest quality and integrity. Iggy's makes old-fashioned, naturally leavened, heart-baked breads using the finest ingredients. Whenever possible it means organic produce, organic grains, and organic flour. At the very least it means pure and natural ingredients.


Macleay Valley Rabbits have firmly established themselves as one of Australia’s premier producers of white rabbit. As a result of their dedication to the healthy breeding of their rabbits and quality feeding program, Macleay Valley White Rabbit is tender, delicious and flavoursome.


Uniquely flavoured smallgoods influenced by a Croatian heritage, the Skara family have brought their traditional artisan smallgoods to the Adelaide Hills. Anthony Skara, passionate foodie and his dedicated team, have won a multitude of awards and are leaders in producing true artisan style smallgoods.


Parkesbourne Produce grows cool climate berries that are anything but common. Including alpine strawberries and gooseberries, the extraordinary berries are cultivated with consideration for the natural environment and soil biodiversity.