Kurobuta Berkshire Leg Ham Bone In Half Chump End 3.5-4.0 kilo VC Tally 3.5-4.0kg
Kurobuta Berkshire Traditional Half Leg Ham Bone-In - 3.5-4kg VC Tally Hock End

Kurobuta Berkshire Traditional Half Leg Ham Bone-In - 3.5-4kg

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Crafted with a tradition dating back 147 years, our signature double-smoked rare breed Kurobuta Berkshire hams are a testament to the enduring legacy of Victor Churchill.

Each ham comes from the ancient breed of Black Berkshire pigs, raised in Northern NSW, and carefully hand-selected for their quality. 

The Kurobuta strain of Black Berkshire pigs are considered to be the very best in the world and are exclusively and solely available at Victor Churchill.

Expertly smoked over Beechwood for 12 hours in partnership with Sunshine Meats, these exclusive hams boast an unforgettable sweet, rich flavour and a delicate texture.

These incredible half hams can be served with our signature house-made glaze or without.

3.5-4kg Feeds 6 people