Smoked Salmon King Ora - 250g Victor Churchill

Ora King Smoked Salmon - 250g

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Our Ora King Smoked Salmon is expertly cured in a mixture of salt and sugar for 24 hours, followed by a 48 hour immersion in oil. It is then meticulously smoked in-house over Beechwood, resulting in the most luxurious and best-tasting smoked salmon available.

Ora King salmon is sustainably farmed in the fast-flowing sea waters of Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Ora King is committed to being the world’s best, and this commitment is evident in the responsible management of stocking density: 2% salmon and 98% water. This approach yields superior fish quality while minimising the impact on the environment.

To serve remove the skin from the back of the fillet and thinly slice.

Feeds 2-3 people for an entrée size portion.